Barangay: ANONAS                         Municipality/City: URDANETA
Province: PANGASINAN                     Region: I



     Anonas is a fruit bearing  which abound in the place to this day.
It was already a progressive settlement which in Urdaneta was founded
in 1858  with  a big chapel and spacious plaza. the Malapit, Gallardo,
Gumtang,  Aquino,  Gandia, Lopez, and Servito families were among the
first to settle here. The  Malapit, Aquino and Servito famillies came
from Mangaldan while  the  rest came from Ilocos Region. The original
name  of  the  barrio  was  San  Ambrosio  after   its  patron  saint.
Cayambanan  was  formerly  as  part of Anonas. This barrio was then a
territory ofMangaldan and even dead people in Anonas had to be buried
in  Mangaldan.  After  a  lapse  of  a  number  of  years, Cayambanan
segregated  itself  as a barrio. It turns for no known reason. Anonas
was also made a part of Cayambanan.

     Most  of  the  people are farmers, some are weavers of barac-bac
slippers  and travelling bags. Others raise pigs and chickens and put
fruit  tree  orchards of their own. Some also plant kangkong and make
powder  out  of  ipil leaves for sale. The people also use pul-oan in
catching  shrimps. It's  principal  crop is rice while it also raises
corn,eggplants, tomatoes, and other vegetable. The construction  of a
feeder  road  greatly enchained the economic progress of the locality.
Flowing  artesian  wells  could  be  found  in  many homes  for  safe
drinking water and for other purposes.


     Barangay  Anonas  is  3 kilometers  away from the proper City of
Urdaneta  going  to Baguio. Before entering Barangay Anonas, you have
to  pass  Barangay  San  Vicente  where  three   Universities    were
constructed,  namely:  Lyceum   Northwestern   University, Panpacific
University  North Philippines (PUNP), and Pangasinan State University
(PSU).  Passing  along the National Road is the proposed site of Shoe
Mart (about 90 hectares wide) or the well-known SM City, the soon-to-
be  largest  mall in the Northern Luzon. Beside the Newly Constructed
City Hall of Urdaneta and Urdaneta City Cattle Market.

A-1: Nature of Existence
   1. Legal Basis of Creation : History of Anonas
   2. Old Name, if renamed : San Ambrosio


B-1: Type of Barangay: URBAN

B-2: Geographical Location (Boundaries)
         East  - Cayambanan
         West  - Camantiles
         North - Tulong
         South - San Vicente

B-3: Total Land Area
         - 3 Land Area in Square in kilometer
         - 300 Land Area in Hectares
         - 100% total Land Area

B-4: Distance from
         Poblacion  - 3 kilometers
         Provincial Capital - 40 kilometers, more or less
         National Highway - 184 kilometers North of manila

B-5: Terrain Characteristics:
         Type : URBAN-LANDLOCKED
          0-25% - Residential
         26-50% - Commercial
         51-75% - Residential 

B-6: Distribution of Land by Use
            Type of Use         Land Area       % to Total
         Agricultural          158.29 has.         52.7%
         Residential            71.00 has.         23.6%
         Commercial             70.00 has.         23.3%


C-1: Population       : 
     Total Households : 
     Total Family     : 

C-2:  Population Data
         Age Group     Male      Female      
        66 and Above         

C-3: Civil Status
         Civil Status        No.    % to Total Pop.

C-4: Religion
            Religion         No.    % to Total Pop.
         Roman Catholic     5,163       84.8%
         Iglesia ni Cristo   603         9.9%
         Mormon              608         1.0%
         Born Again          249         4.1%

C-5: Language/Dialect Predominantly Spoken
       - Filipino      
       - Tagalog 
       - English      
       - Others : Pangasenense


D-1: Education
                             Number of Students
           Type          Public    Private    Total

D-2: Housing
            Type                                     Number
         Permanent (Concrete, Wood & G.I. Sheet)      618
         Semi-permanent (Wood & G.I. Sheet)           246
         Nipa Bamboo                                  204
         Wood                                         116

D-3: Source of Potable Water
            Source of Water           Number       % to Total
         Piped/Tubed/Level III          66            30.6%
         Deep Well                     896            69.4%

D-4: Source of Lighting
            Source of Light           Number       % to Total
         Electricity                   1,153          98.9%
         Kerosene                        13            1.1%

D-5: Access to Sanitary Toilets
            Type                      Number       % to Total
         Modern Type                    370           32.9%
         Water Sealed                   724           66.6%
         Pit Type                        3             0.3%

D-6: Health Facilities and Services
         1 Health Center
         Medical Mission held Once a year

D-7: Sports and Recreational Facilities
         4 Basketball Courts

D-8: Transportation and Communication
         a. Means of Transportation
              - Bus         
              - Tricycle
              - Jeepney

         b. Communication Services
              - Telephone       
              - Telegraph
              - Internet        
              - Mobile Network
              - Postal Services

E-1: Employment Data
         Locally Employed  :   
         Self-Employed     : 
         Employed Overseas :   

         Total Number of Employed Residents   : 
         Total Number of Unemployed Residents :   

E-2:  Major Sources of Livelihood
         a. Employment
         b. Business
         c. Farming

      Major Locally-Produced Products/Raw Materials
         a. Tinapa
         b. Palay/ Vegetable
         c. Cockfight/ Meat Poultry and Piggery

E-3: Distribution of Establishment by Major Economic Sector
         a. Agricultural Establishment
                  Type                        Number
               Poultry/Livestock Farm           2
               Nurseries/Flower Growing         3
               Fishponds/Fish Pens              1
               Vegetable Farm                   1

         b. Commercial Establishment
                  Type                        Number
               Sari-Sari Store                 49
               Groceries/Dry Goods Store        1
               Auto Supply Store                1
               Hospital and Clinic              1
               Beauty Parlors & Barber Shops    2
               Restaurant/Canteen              11
               Furniture                        2
               Livestock & Poutry Supply Stores 2
               Hardware/Lumber                  1
               Videoke Shops                   10
               Internet Cafe Shops              4

   1. Registered Voters
           Comelec Data                 2016       2017
         Registered Voters              
         Those who Actually Voted       

   2. Barangay Government and Administration

      a. Income of the Barangay from Regular Sources
External Source of Income       2015          2016           2017
Internal Revenue Allotment 
Real Property Tax Share     
Annual Contributions to
Brgy. - Provincial        

      b. Actual Expenditures
   Expenditure                 2015           2016           2017
Personal Services          
Main. & Other Expenses       

   3. Facilities Owned and/or Operated by the Brgy. Gov't as of 2012
         Barangay Hall
         Barangay Health Center
         Day Care Center
         Barangay Reading Center

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