Barangay: BOLAOEN                        Municipality/City: URDANETA
Province: PANGASINAN                     Region: I



     This Farmer's country was formerly  a sitio of Barangay Cabuloan.
During the  administration of  Pangasinan Governor the Hon. Francisco 
Duque, and through the initiative of Municipal and Barangay Officials,
she firmly  established  as  a  Barangay Lieutenant then was the late
Domingo B. Mamaclay Sr.

     And  for  a  little trivia: Did you know that the present Punong
Barangay CESAR M. LUCENA had served the Barangay first as a CVO chief,
then  tackled  the job of a Councilman or a Kagawad. Now he has taken
the top post.

     BOLAOEN was the name given her. It was taken a big tropical tree
called  "Molawin" which was found in abundance in the place. The term
molawin  in  Pangasinense is Bolaoen a sturdy tree (Sagat in Ilocano).
It was the name she carried from a sitio until now.

     The Bautista,Mamaclays,Estiokos,Locquiaos and  Arqueros were the 
first settlers of the place. The fertility  of  the soil and the vast 
land suited for the agriculture drew this families  from  the  Ilocos
Region. One  will  not  wonder  if  almost  or  more than half of the 
Barangay's  populations  carry these family names. On that, the prime
dialect spoken is Ilocano.


A. Type of Barangay  :  Rural

    Geographical Location(Boundaries)
       East  : Bactad East/Calepaan Asingan
       West  : San Vicente/Dilan Paurido
       North : Nancalobasaan,Cayambanan
       South : Casantaan,Cabuloan
B. Total Land Area
       Land Area in Hectares  :  224.3 Has.
       % to Total Land Area   :  1.85 %

C. Distance from:
    1. Poblacion  :  5 km. 15 mins. to City Hall
    2. Provincial Capital  :  20 km. 1 hr and 15 mins to Lingayen
    3. National Highway  :  5 km. 10 mins.

D.  Population Data
      Population 2015 Brgy. Census     Male   Female  Total
      Children 0-5 years old            99      94     180
      Children 6-12 years old          121     113     234
      Children 13-17 years old          90      80     170
      Adult 36-50 years old            256     281     537
      Adult 36-50 years old            179     166     345
      Adult 51-65 years old             78      87     165
      Adult 66 and Above                45      65     110
           Total                       831     841    1,754

E.  Household Data
     Number of Households/Total pop.    % to Total Population
       2014 NSO Census 328/1,655                19.76%
       2015 NSO Census 344/1,674                20.00%
       2016 NSO Census 355/1,754                20.57%

F.  Religion
         Religion        Total Number
      Roman Catholic         895
      Iglesia Ni Cristo      37   
      Born Again Christian   575

G.  Language/Dialects Predominantly Spoken

      Language/Dialects   Language/Dialects Predominantly Spoken
   1. Tagalog                           6.27%
   2. Ilocano                          87.82%
   3. Bicolano                           .63%
   4. Other Dialect                     6.59%


A. Health and Nutrition(Percentage of malnourished children by
    age group land by degree of malnutrition)

       Age Group    Number of Percentage of Malnourished
                    First Degree
        0-5 mos.        2
       12-23 mos.       5
        Total           7

          Type                      Number          Total
                               Public   Private
   a. Pre-school/Day Care       28        -          28
   b. Primary/Elementary        52        2          54
   c. Secondary/High School     26        1          27
   d. Vocational/Technical      1         -          1
   e. College/University        24        -          24

  a. Kinds of Shelter (as of 2016)  
              Types                  Number
    a. Permanent (Concrete, woods     275
       and GI sheets)
    b. Semi-Permanent(woods and       33
       GI Sheets)
    c. Temporary (Bamboo, sawali,     20
       and nipa/cogon)

  b. Source of Potable Water
          Source of Water      Number  Percent
    1. Piped/Tubed/Level III     20      .03% 
    2. Deep Well                259    91.46% 
    3. other sources(sharing)    96      .05%

  c. Source of Lightning
         Sources      No. of Household served    Percent
    1. Electricity             298                90.85%
    2. Kerosene                 10                .03%
    3. LPG                     255                 90%
    4. Solar                     0    
    5. Other                    20                .06%

  d. Toilet Facilities
          Type       The Toilet   Percent
    1. Modern Type       25          .07%
    2. Water Sealed     310        94.51%
    3. Pit Type           3         .009%

D. Health Facilities and Services
            Type          Number   Served
    1. Dental clinic        1       250

E. Sports and Recreational Facilities
            Type          Number   Served
    1. Covered Courts       1       250
    2. Basketball Courts    1        30

            Activity                      Describe Indigenous Practice
   1. Settlement of Disputes     Confrontation ans settlement  of the case,
                                 of 2 parties, the complainant & respondent
                                 is  done  infront  of the Lupon Officials/
                                 Barangay  Council  in  the  Office  of the 
                                 Sangguniang Barangay.

   2. Wedding Celebration        The  sacrament  of  Matrimony  for  the  2 
                                 couples  is  done   in  church  or  chapel
                                 whatever  is  the  religion  of the person.
                                 Then  a  reception was followed usually at 
                                 the residence  of the bride or whatever is
                                 agreed by the 2 parties.  If  its  in  the

   3. Fiesta                     The  Barangay  have 2 occasions of fiestas, 
                                 Children  Festival  and  Barangay Festival. 
                                 Done  by  money  contest  for fund raising 
                                 to   produced   Barangay   Facilities.  We 
                                 usually   use  the  proceeds  for Barangay
                                 Development  projects,  one way to improve 
                                 our  community  for  the  welfare  of  the 

   4. Baptism                    Baptism  of  different religion is done in
                                 different   ways.  The    Roman   Catholic 
                                 children  were  baptized  through  pouring
                                 of  Holy Water  in their forehead, Iglesia
                                 Ni Cristo    and   the  Born Again    were 
                                 shrinking   in  the  water by going to the
                                 sea   or  rivers  or   a   pool  that  has 
                                 available of depth water.  

  5. Burial                      The Burial of our dead people is done thru
                                 motorcade   system,   the  followed   thru 
                                 by walking all the families, relatives and
                                 friends, concerned neighbors attending the
                                 said  burial until they reaches the public
                                 cemetery  in   the  City of Urdaneta. Then 
                                 after  the  burial  ceremonies, they go in
                                 the  house  of  the  bereaved fammilies to 
                                 have their lunch and rest for the meantime
                                 and have their lunch together.
A. Employment Data
      Locally Employed  :  350
      Self Employed     :   50
      Employed Overseas :  225
      Total Number of Employed Residents   :  400
      Total Number of Unemployed Residents :   85

     Profession/Vocation    Number  Non-Employed  Employed
   1. Engineers               6          1           7
   2. Nurses                 15          0          15
   3. Teachers               20          2          18
   4. Seaman                  6          0           6
   5. Skilled Workers       288          8         280

Major Sources of Livelihood (e.g Farming, Fishing, Employment,
  Rank: 1. Farming
        2. Overseas Contract Workers
        3. Backyard hog raising
        4. Business

Major Locally Produced Products/Raw Materials
        1. Palay Productions
        2. Hog Raisers
        3. Tilapia Raisers

B. Distribution of Establishment by Major economic sector 
 1. Agricultural Establishment
           Types            Number
    a. Fishpond/Fishpens      2
    b. Other                  2

 2. Commercial Establishment
             Types                         Number
    a. Sari-sari Store                       24
    b. Groceries/Dry Goods Store             1
    c. Hospital/Clinic                       1
    d. General Services/Contractors          2     
    e. Livestock and Poultry Supply Stores   1
    f. Hardware                              1
    g. Videoke Shops                         1
    h. Internet Cafe shop/pisonet            3

3. Industrial/Manufacturing Establishment
      Type    :  Rice/Flour Corn Mills  
      Number  :  1

 1. Transport Facilities and Services
  a. Bridge in meter by administrative Level
     Type : Concrete
     Administrative Level by Linear Meter
     City/Mun. : 2
     Barangay  : 2
     Total     : 4
     Operational or Non-Operational : Operational

  b. Means of Transportation
       1. Tricycle 
       2. Pedicab

  c. Communication Services
       1. Cellular Network/Sites
       2. Internet


A. Political Awareness
  a. Registered Voters
          Electoral Data    2010 COMELEC DATA   2013 COMELEC DATA
     1. Registered Voters         711                 715
     2. Number of Voters          563                 588
       Actually Voted

  b. Political Affiliation
          Local Chief Executive        Political Affiliation
     1. Hon. Amadeo G.E. Perez IV          NPC City Mayor
     2. Cesar M. Lucena                 NPC Punong Barangay

  c. Influential NGOs/Leaders
        Influential NGOs/      Name        Party Affiliation
     1. Leader            Senior Citizens   Abono Partylist

B. Barangay Government and Administration
 1. Fiscal Capability
  a. Income of the Barangay from Regular Sources
      Source of Income         FY 2014    FY 2015    FY 2016
  A. Internal
   1. Revenue from Tax          1,000      1,000     7,000
   2. Barangay Fees and        10,000     10,000     1,000

  B. External
   1. Internal Revenue       1,240,935  1,417,133  1,417,133
   2. Real Property Tax        90,000     90,000    100,000
   3. Proceeds from the        90,000     90,000       0
      Development and
      Utilization of 
      National Wealth
   4. Annual Contribution 
      to Barangay
     a. City/Municipality     200,000    300,000       0
   5. Others(specify)Grants    2,000      2,000      2,000

  b. Actual Expenditures as of July 2015
          Expenses          FY 2014      FY 2015      FY 2016
   1. Personal Services   571,640.00   646,822.00   657,266.40
   2. Maintenance and     332,979.39   579,725.09   439,503.65
      other Operating
  1. Priority projects  
        Project Title                    Brief Description
     a. Covered Court        Continuation of the roofing of covered 
     b. Interior road of     Concreting the Interior Road at Purok 7
        Purok 7
     c. Existence of         By the end of the Year 2016 there will be
        Interior Road        a Re-routing road of the people at Purok 1.
        Purok 1              For the entrance road of the commuters in the
                             said area.
     d. RIP RAP of the       By the end of the Year 2016, the Bolaoen creek
        Bolaoen Creek        will be rip rap soon.

  2. Existing/On-Going Projects
          Project           Brief Description     Projects Cost 
    1. Road Extension  On doing Farm to Mkt. Road   100,000
    2. Covered Court   4x40 meters Roofing          200,000
    3. Signage's                                     20,000


A. BCPB - The BCPC was re-organized during the First Quarter to
          ensure the successful  implementation of the PPA's of
          the council.
           * February 2015 and during the allocations of budget
             on every PPA's of the Council.

B. Work & Financial Plan - The W & FP was formulated during the
          First Quarter to serve as guide for the council in the 
          implementation of its Plans and Activities especially 
          Brgy. Council for the Protection of Children(BCPC) 

C. BCPC Budget - Based on the W&FP, the BCPC was allocated an 
          amount of Php15,000.00 for the implementation of it's

D. Mass Registration - In cooperation with the City Civil Registry
          a total of three(3) unregistered children were registered.

E. Nutrition - The BCPC conducts emergency feeding monthly for 
          malnourished and non malnourished Children in Bolaoen
          Elementary School.

F. Implementation of RA 9262 - Copies of the said law as dissemina-
          ted to the Brgy. Folks. As of this period 1 case has been 
          received by the Barangay Council.

G. Special Celebrations - The BCPC undertook the following activities
          in coordination with the elementary school.
       * Nutrition Month - Emergency feeding
       * Family Month - July is the celebration of Family Day
       * Buwan ng Wika - Celebrating the Buwan ng Wika event.
       * Children's Month - Poster Making/Essay
       * Children's Congress - Day Care children participated annually.
         During the search for Ms. Day Care of the City of Urdaneta.

H. Pamaskong Handog - The City Government of Urdaneta thru the City
           Mayor and members of the Sangguniang Panglungsod and NGO's
           sponsored and Pamaskong Handog for the One Hundred Ten(110)
           Indigent children of each 34 barangays of the City.



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