Barangay : CATABLAN                Municipality/City : URDANETA
Province : PANGASINAN              Region : I



A-1:  History
     The Barangay got it's name from the Ilocano word "Catablan"
meaning, a place of lumber. It was shortened to  "Catablan"  by 
the residents themselves. It  was believed  that  Catablan  was
founded years before the coming of the Spaniards in the Philip-
pines. The early settlers came from the Ilocos Region, they were 
the families of the Lomboy, Barroga.


B-1:  Type of Barangay:  Rural

B-2:  Geographical Location(Boundaries)
       East  :  San Jose
       West  :  Oltama
       North :  Mapandan & Manaoag
       South :  Labit West

B-3:  Total Land Area
       Square Kilometers  :  8.088
       Hectare            :  808.8

B-4:  Distance from
       1. Poblacion           :  10 kms.
       2. Provincial Capitol  :  39 kms.
       3. National Highway    :  800 m.


C-1:  Population       :  5,359
      Total Household  :  1,138
      Total Families   :  1,284

C-2:  Population Data
         Population      Male  Female  Total
     Children 0-5 y/o    380    405    785   
     Children 6-12 y/o   401    384    785
     Children 13-17 y/0  285    256    541
     Adult 18-35 y/o     785    767   1,552   
     Adult 36-50 y/o     445    415    860
     Adult 51-65 y/o     306    271    577
     Adult 66 and Above  102    157    259
         TOTAL          2,704  2,655  5,359

C-3:  Civil Status
       Civil Status     No.  % to Total Population
         Single        491        9.16
        Married        930       17.35
        Widow/widower  142        2.64
        Separated       40        0.75

C-4:  Religion
        Religion         No.   % to Total Population
     Roman Catholic     2,032        37.91
     Iglesia ni Cristo   124          2.31
     Islam                1           0.01
     Others: Baptist     113          2.10
     Independiente       20           0.40
     Crusader            13           0.24
     Born Again          118          2.20 
     Jehova Witness      24           0.44

C-5:  Language/Dialects(Number indicate level of spoken)
       Ilocano        :  1
       Pangasinan     :  2
       English        :  3
       Bicolano       :  4
       Other Dialects :  5

C-6:  Health and Nutrition(Percentage of malnourished children by
      age group land by degree of malnourished)
                      Number And Percentage of Malnourished
      Age Group      First Degree Second Degree Third Degree
                      No.    %     No.    %      No.    %
    0-5 months old    1     .1%    0      0       0     0
   13-17 months old   1     .1%    4      .5%     0     0
   18-35 months old   3     .4%    0      0       0     0
 35 months old above  5     .5%    0      0       5    .5%


D-1:  Education
             Type          Public  Private  Total
   a. Pre-School/Day Care   3         1      4
   b. Primary/Elementary    3         1      4
   c. Secondary             1         0      0

D-2:  Housing
                 Types                 Number 
   1. Permanent(concrete, woods and     733
      G.I. sheets)   
   2. Semi-permanent(woods and G.I      209
   3. Temporary(bamboo, sawali and      196

D-3:  Source of Portable Water
          Source of Water      Number  Served  Percent
     1. Piped/Tubed/Level III   223     223     19.6
     2. Deep well               915     915     80.4

D-4:  Source of Lightning
         Source      No. of Household Served   Percent
      Electricity          1,041                91.65
      Kerosene              97                   8.5

D-5:  Toilet Facilities Services 
         Source        No. of Toilet  Percent
     1. Modern Type        114         10.0
      Commercial bowls
     2. Water Sealed     1,024         90.0

D-6:  Health and Facilities Services
            Type        Number  Served
     1. Health Center     1      All
     2. Dental Clinic     1      All
     3. Medical Mission   1      All

D-7:  Sports and Recreational Facilities
      Basketball Court  :  3

D-8:  Transport Facilities and Services
       a. Means of Transportation
        Bus      :  Yes
        Jeepney  :  Yes
        Tricycle :  Yes
        Pedicab  :  Yes
        Cart     :  Yes

D-9:  Communication Services
     1. Telephone       :  3 kms.               
     2. Cellular        :  Yes
     3. Internet        :  Yes
     4. Postal Services :  9 kms.
     5. Telegraph       :  9 kms.


E-1:  Major sources of Livelihood(e.g Farming,Fishing,Employment
      Rank 1:  1. Farming
               2. Sari-Sari / Canteen
               3. Employment
      Major Locally produced Products/Raw Materials
        1. Cassava Cakes
        2. Paper Bags(Recycled)

E-2:  Distribution of Establishment by Major Economic Sector
   1. Agricultural Establishment
                 Type              Number
     a. Poultry / Livestock Farm    200
     b. Nurseries / Flower Growing   3

   2. Commercial Establishment
             Type               Number
     a. Sari-Sari Stores          83
     b. Groceries /Dry Goods 
        Store(mini)               1
     c. Distributors, Dealers     2
        of Various Products    
     d. Hospital / Clinic     1(Health Center)
     e. Beauty Parlors and        1
        Barber Shop
     f. Restaurants               1
     g. Livestock and Poultry     1
     h. Hardware                  2
     i. Videoke Shops             4
     j. Internet Shops            3

  3. Industrial/Manufacturing Establishment
             Type            Number
      1. Handicraft            1
      2. Food Processing       2
      3. Rice Mills            2
      4. Factories             1


F-1:  Registered Voters
      Election Data     2010 COMELEC Date   2013 COMELEC Date
  1. Registered Voters        2173               2972
  2. Numbers of Voters        2284                -
     Actually Voted   

F-2:  Fiscal Capability
   A. Income of the Barangay
    SOURCE OF INCOME       FY 2011    FY 2012    FY 2013   FY 2014
 A. Internal 
   1. Barangay Fees and 
   1.1 Barangay Clearance   20.00      20.00      20.00    30.00     
   1.2 Barangay Permit     100.00     100.00     100.00   100.00
 B. External
   1. Internal Revenue   2,311,704  2,380,768  2,380,768  3,001,154
   2. Real Property       125,000     125,000   125,000    125,000
      Tax Share
   3. Annual Contributions
      to Barangay
    a. City Municipality  2,000.00   2,000.00   2,000.00  2,000.00       b. Provincial         2,000.00   2,000.00   2,000.00  2,000.00

   B. Actual Expenditures
        EXPENSES        FY 2011      FY 2012     FY 2013     FY 2014
 1. Personal         1,066,954.15 1,071,664.15 1,151,076.80 1,362,521
 2. Maintenance and   633,272.54   593,656.70  596,913.65  725,294.73
    other Expenses

F-3:  Facilities owned and / or operated by the Barangay Government
      as of C.Y. 2010
       a. Barangay Hall/Center
       b. Barangay Health Center
       c. Day Care Center
       d. Barangay Reading Center
       e. Gabay sa Mamamayan Aksyon Center
       f. Multi - Purpose Hall/Pavement
       g. Market/Talipapa
       h. Playground

   Food and Nutrition - Through the assistance of the Government of
    Urdaneta and the Sangguniang Barangay of Catablan, children with
    age group 0-17 years old were being taking cared of through Supp-    lemental Feeding and other Nutrition Programs being implemented.
    with this endeavor of the Barangay, these children will be provi-    ded of quality services and nutritious health care.

   Health - Health services were on the top priorities of the Sanggu-
    niang Barangay of Catablan, to ensure that the community/constitu
    ents of the Barangay will always be on good conditions. This ser-
    vices were also provided by the Barangay Health Midwife on Duty
    together with the Brangay Health Workers and Barangay Nutrition

   Water and Sanitation - The Barangay Council of Catablan ensures 
    the welfare of its community with regards of water and sanita
    tion through providing of safe and clean water supply with the
    help of City Government of Urdaneta.

   Peace and Order and Public Safety - Ronda Patrol was being condu
    cted every night until morning by the Duty Officer of the Day -
    Barangay Kagawad and Punong Barangay together with the Civilian
    Officer(Tanod). Through this, the problems within the streets 
    were eliminated and conductive surroundings at night were manifes

   Education and Literacy - The Punong Barangay and the Chairman on
    Committee on Education were responsive and sensitive in implemen
    ting and providing the appropriate projects regarding on Educati
    on and Literacy of its Constituents. In line with this, the Bara
    ngay Council of Catablan is aware of alternative Learning System
   (ALS) Program of the City being implemented  wherein  the  target
    age group of the program  is  the  Out-of-School-youths of every
    Barangay. This program aims to lessen/eliminate the number of il
    literacy in the Barangay. And with this endeavor the Barangay Co
    uncil of Catablan is very  supportive  and  responsive in giving
    back the needs of this program.

    The economic situation of the Barangay Catablan has been stable 
    and growing increasingly with the help of the different establish
    ment located within the Barangay. One of these establishment is
    the Urdaneta Landfill which is locatedat sitio Calegu, Catabalan,
    Urdaneta City. On the other hand, Barangay Catablan produced num
    ber of Professional workers such as Doctors, Engineers, Teachers,
    and etc. Sari-sari Store were everywhere within the Barangay, and
    even mini groceries are can be located.

    The community is now a developed community, wherein permanent con
    crete houses were built and  sources  of portable water increased
    up to 19%. Health  Center the  Barangay Hall are accessible 24/7.
    Barangay Catablan has three (3) educational institutions located
    in three different Zones of the  Barangay. Catablan  Integrated
    School located in Zone IV - composing of Elementary and High Scho
    ol, Nanbacuran Elementary School located in Zone VI, Calegu Elem
    entary School located in Zone I.

    Through the implementation of City Ordinance 004-2010, the Anti
    Littering Campaign of the City of Urdaneta,  Barangay  Catablan
    has been supportive in implementing this project and also other
    endeavors of the City especially when it comes to protection and
    welfare of the community. As well as the Proper Waste Management 
    and Segregation, the Barangay Catablan seize the opportunity not
    to waste in educating the people on proper way to keeping the so
    rroundings clean and green and even within every households.     

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