Barangay : OLTAMA                         City/Municipality : URDANETA
Province : PANGASINAN                     Region : I


A-1. History

     Barangay Oltama was a very quiet and lowly place, with only a few
households and inhabitants. Based  from  stories  I heard from the old
folks who were the pioneers in this place, their  ancestors  came from
the province from the north, the ilocos provinces  and  La Union. They
migrated to this place,  cleared and cleaned the  forest  lands  which
became their homestead. The cultivated theae land, planted their crops,
and after  a  few  years they took possession of these land worked out
for the necessary papers/or ownership of these lands. 

     Formerly, this barangay was only a sitio of Barangay Cabaruan. It
was originally  called  maybe because  it  is  located on forest hills.
Sitio Talocatoc was presented  in  formerly  called  Barrio Council of
Cabaruan by two councilmen, barely 7  years after 1965. The population
of Talocatoc had increase,  alongside with the same development in the 
community. So  when  Barangay Captain Esteban Borgonia,  the  Barangay 
Captain  on  thar time,  had seen that the population to Talocatoc had
increased  and  met  requirements  of becoming a separate barangay, he 
consulted  the  two councilmen and residents in sitio regarding in the
proposal to make Talocatoc a separate barangay.

     Since  the  residents  were  very  interested and enthusiastic to 
aquire for their selves  a place they may call their own, a resolution
was  passed by the leaders of this place which was approved on January
27, 1972.  Thus,  Barangay  Oltama was created under the leadership of
Cecilio Tomines,  Everisto Lagundi,  Ildefonso Manipon,  and Hugo Agas.
The  name  Oltama  was  called  after  the  name of 3 prominent sitios 
comprising the barangay, namely OLUA, TALOCATOC and MACAPENG. The late
Don Cecilio Tomines  was the first Barangay Captain of Oltama, and his
first  Councilmen  were  Hugo Agas,  Teotimo Lagundi,  Ester Estabilio,
Jose Buenavista, Godofredo Estabilio and Fernando Facun. 


     Barangay Oltama is  a peaceful and progressive barangay with God 
fearing  citizens,  law abiding,  cooperative  and  an  environmental 
friendly constituents.


     Decrease the number of the malnourished children by means of 
feeding program and giving free vitamins. Promote safety, peace and
order of the barangay. Deliver basic services at the barangay and be


     To improve the quality of life of the people.


  1. To promote the clean and green program.
  2. To inrease income from local sources.
  3. To establish proper waste disposal management system.
  4. To ensure functionality of barangay based institution.  


     Barangay  Oltama  is  one  of  the  34  Barangay in Urdaneta City, 
Pangasinan. It  is  located  at  the southern part of the city, and is 
accesible  in  20  minutes jeepney or tricycle ride from the poblacion.
It  is  rounded  by  the  Barangay  Labit  and  Catablan  in the North. 
Barangay  Lunec and Dampay of Malasiqui in the West, Barangay Cabaruan
and Sugcong in the East, and la Paz of Villasis in the South.


     Its land topography is composed of rolling hills and wide pasture
land. The rolling hills of Oltama provide a panoramic view of surround
terrains and the whole countrside.  The shady trees in these areas are
the favorite picnic grounds jamboree  site  for  boys  and girls scout.
The wide pasture lands and rice  field has given way to farming as the 
main source of livelihood of the people in the Barangay.


     Like the other places in the countryside, Barangay Oltama has a 
cool and temperature climate brought  about by the lustrous of green
tapering mango trees, some wooded areas and pasture land. Rain comes
in June to September and become source on October and November. Cool
months are from December to February.


     The  Barangay  Captain  and  seven  kagawads with one appointed 
Secretary  and  one  Treasurer, under direct supervision of the DILG.
The  Barangay  Council  has  for  its function the smooth and lawful
running of the affairs and function of the barangay.


     Most  of  the  resident  of  the Barangay are farmers  other by 
occupation other are  carpenters, laborers,  but a small  percentage 
belong to the skilled and professional group.


     Generally, the neighborhood speaks Ilokano, Pangasinense with a
few Tagalog or Visayan-speaking resident.   

A-2. Nature of Existence
   1. Legal Basis Creation  : RESOLUTION     dated : Jan. 27, 1972
   2. Date of plebiscite/Ratification : September 21, 1974
   3. Mother of Barangay/s : Cabaruan
   4. Old name, if renamed : Talocatoc


B-1. Type of Barangay : Urban

B-2. Geographical Location(Boundaries)
        East  : Brgy. Cabaruan & Sugcong
        West  : Brgy. Luneg & Dampay of Malasiqui
        North : Brgy. Labit & Catablan
        South : Brgy. Lapaz of Villasis

B-3. Total Land Area
        Land Area in Hectare : 200 plus hectare

B-4. Distance from:
     1. Poblacion : 12 kms.
     2. Provincial Capital : 48 kms.
     3. National Highway :  8 kms.

B-5. Distribution of Land by use
         Type of Use   Land Area (Hectare)   % to Total
     1. Agricultural       216,750              85%
     2. Aquatic              1,150              13%
     3. Residential         30,600              12%
     4. Forest               6,100               2%

C. SOCIAL PROFILE (2015) Projected

C-1. Population      : 1,528
     Total Household : 359
     Total Family    : 355

C-2. Population Data
           Population           Male   Female   Total 
    1. Children 0-5 yrs.old      72      75      147
    2. Children 6-12 yrs.old    138     104      242
    3. Children 13-17 yrs.old    84      57      141
    4. Adult 18-35 yrs.old      243     244      487
    5. Adult 36-50 yrs.old      148     138      286
    6. Adult 51-65 yrs.old       72      70      142
    7. Adult 66 and Above        29      54       83
             TOTAL              786     742     1,528

D-1. Education
            Type              Public  Total
    a. Pre-school/Day Care      1       1
    b. Primary/Elementary       1       1

D-2. Source of Potable Water
              Type             Number  Served   Percent
    a. Piped/Tubed/Level III    320     320       80%
    b. Deep Well                335     344      100%

D-3. Source of Lightning
          Source      No. of Household Served   Percent
    a. Electricity           300                 80%
    b. Kerosene              100                 40%
    c. LPG                   300                 80%
D-4. Health Facilities and Services
           Type          Number      Served
    a. Health Center       1      all residents 
    b. Medical Mission     1      all residents

D-5. Sports and Recreational Facilities
           Type             Number      Served
    a. Basktetball Courts     1     all residents

D-6. Transport Facilities and Services
    a. Means of Transportation
       1. Jeepney
       2. Tricycle
       3. Others : Kuliglig

D-7. Communication Services
    a. Cellular Network/Site
    b. Internet


E-1. Barangay Government and Administration
   1. Fiscal Capability
    a. Income of the Barangay From Regular Sources
       Source of Income      FY 2014     FY 2015     FY 2016   
  1. Internal Revenue       1,243,020   1,419,534   1,561,135 
  2. Real Property Tax       90,000      90,000       90,000
  3. Share from Sand,         2,000       2,000        2,000
     Gravel and other 
     Quarry Resources - GRANTS

    b. Actual Expenditures
          Expenses           FY 2014       FY 2015       FY 2016
  1. Personal Services      559,000.00    596,288.00     733,960.00
  2. Maintenance and Other  392,776.01    431,517.97     541,230.25
  3. Capital Outlay         448,857.00    510,636.90     560,197.25
          TOTAL           1,400,633.01  1,538,442.87   1,835,387.50



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