Palina West


          The Barangay PALINA (which was called barrio before) in
Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, Philippines got its name from what the
first settlers is the ORTIZ FAMILY in said barrio, found  in  the 
place where they settled. In the place where  the  first settlers 
settled,  they  found  a  spring  with clear water which they got 
their  drinking  water  and they  used to  say Ilocano "APAN TAYO 
means - Let us go get  our  drinking  water from  the spring with 
clear water.  And so they used  to say in short "AGPA LINAC TAYO" 
and agpa linac was shortened to the word "PALINA".

          The  first  settler in the  said barrio of Palina found 
big  trees  with hard wood.  These trees  called "YAKAP" which is 
derived  from  Ilocano word "LAKAY" which means old. The spelling 
of "LAKAY' is inverted to "YAKAL". Hard wood is used to be called 
"PALINANG". The  people there  when they used to make iron harder  
had  to  put the iron in a very hot fire  and then when they used 
to dip it in water to make the iron harder in Ilocano,the Ilocano 
word "PALINANG"  means to  make the  iron harder.  This theory is 
confirmed  by  Casimiro S. Ortiz  because he used to hear old man 
who gathered under their house  for a "BASI" drinking party tells 
the story about the big tree called yakal.

          And so the Barangay got its name "PALINA" from what the 
first settlers found in the place where  they first  settled. The 
clear drinking water from the spring and the old big trees called 
yakal. It  is  story  and told and the old by the descents of the
first settlers in the barrio of Palina in Urdaneta ( now Urdaneta,
city) that Esteban Ortiz who has  then the Captain of the town of
Sta. Lucia  in  Ilocos Sur, for  the  third time  as Captain said 
Preblo - but  he  lost  in  his bid  as  a captain because he was 
threatened by  his time  who won the  election he and some of his 
followers  decided  to  settle  in  barrio  Palina  in  Urdaneta, 
Pangsinan most of the  fans and  followers  of  Esteban  Ortiz in 
Sitio Santa lucia  now Barangay  Sta.Lucia and some of  his other 
stayed with him in a place, which is called Palina.

          There are some of the followers  of  Esteban Ortiz from 
barrio Sto. Domingo is Sta. Lucia, who  settled  in  a place name 
Sto. Domingo  and  which  is a reminiscent of their barrio in Sta. 
Lucia and they settled in  Sitio  Awed in Urdaneta. There a Sitio 
in Palina  Kinawayanan which was  later  called  kalungbuyan  and 
which is now Barangay Buenlag. So we can imagine how big Barangay 
Palina was then.

          Barrio -Palina-at first-comprised of main Palina, Sitio 
Sta.Lucia, Sitio Sto. Domingo, Sitio  Awed, Sitio Palina Sur, and 
Sitio Kalungbuyan. Sitio Sta. Lucia  is now  Brangay  Sta. Lucia, 
Sto. Domingo. Sitio kalungbuyan is now Barangay Buenlag. And then 
main barrio Palina is now derived  into  Barangay Palina West and 
Palina East and Sitio Awed and  Sitio  Palina Sur remain as Sitio 
Palina East, Sitio Awed is also Sitio Palina East.

          I  have  read in the Ilocano newspaper the BUST of late 
President Ferdinand E. Marcos  is curved out of the mountain side 
in  Barangay  Palina  Municipality of Pugo, La Union, Philippines 
and so  I have to come to  conclusion that the same theory use in 
naming in barrio of Palina in the said place.

          I  gathered  the  facts  stated  herein  from some very 
reliable sources particularly from Casimiro Ortiz, son of Eugenio 
Ortiz, knows the actual facts as started herein. And I personally 
heard some facts about  the  barrio  Palina from out ancestor and 
also from my father,  Francisco  Ortiz who is grandson of Esteban 

          Our Barangay, Palina West should be known as  community 
of Patience, Understanding, Flexibility and a conductive place to 
live for God-loving people.

          Our  Barangay  is  envisioned  to  deliver  the kind of 
service that public demands and expects.

          To  maximize  the  capacity of our Sangguniang Barangay
members  in  the  preparation  and   enactment   of    applicable 
ordinances  in  relation  to  Governance,  Administration  Social 
Services, Economic Development and Environmental Management.

B-1:  Type of Barangay : Rural
B-2:  Geographical Location
          East   :  Sitio Awed, Palina East
          West   :  Labit Proper
          North  :  Sta. Lucia
          South  :  Palina East

B-3:  Total Land Area
          Land Area in Sq. Km.  :  0.30690 Sq. Km.
          Land Area in Hectare  :  177.46 Has.

B-4:  Distance from : 
          1. Poblacion          :  5 kms.
          2. National Highway   :  5 kms.

B-5:  Distribution of Land by Use
                       Land Area      Land Area
      Type of Use      (Sq. Km.)     (Hectares)    % to total
   1. Agricultural   1.6769 Sq. Km.  167.69 Has.    94.49        
   2. Aquatic        0.0005 Sq. Km.   0.050 Has.     0.02
   3. Residential    0.0618 Sq. Km.    6.18 Has.     3.4
   4. Others         0.0354 Sq. Km.    3.54 Has.     1.99


C-1:  Population  :  3,141  Total HH  :  657  Total Family  :  780

C-2:  Population Data
   1. Population                  Male   Female   Total
      Children 0-5 years old       159     147      306
      Children 6-12 years old      241     211      452
      Children 13-17 years old     200     168      368
      Adult 18-50 years old        480     469      94        
      Adult 36-50 years old        281     263      544
      Adult 51-65 years old        171     194      365
      Adult 60 and above            62      95      157
                        TOTAL    1,594   1,547    3,141

C-3:  Civil Status
        Civil Status     No.    % total Population
     Single             1,465        46.64
     Married            1,122        35.72
     Widow/widower        518        16.49
     Separated             36         1.15
                 TOTAL   3,141        100%

C-4:  Religion
        Religion          No.   % Total Population     
     Roman Catholic     1,830        58.26
     Iglesia Ni Cristo    552        17.57
     Islam                 23         0.73
     Jehovas Witness      724        23.05
     Mormons               12         0.39
             TOTAL      3,141         100% 

C-5:  Language/Dialect Predominantly Spoken
       Language/Dialect Predominantly Spoken
       1. English
       2. Tagalog
       3. Ilocano

C-6:  Health and Nutrition (Percentage of malnourished children
 by age group land by degree of malnutrition)

     Age Group          Number of Percentage of Malnourished
    Actual B,S.    First Degree   Second Degree   Third Degree
       3&9         No.     %      No.     %       No.      %
    0-5 Months     32    8.23%    0               0
    0-11 Months    30    0.77%    0               0
    12-23 Months   65    16.7%    4     1.03%     1      0.26%
    24-35 Months   67    17.22%   5     1.28%     2      0.51%
    36-47 Months   62    15.93%   2     0.51%     0  
    48-50 Months   52    13.37%   1     0.26%     1      0.26%
    60-71 Months   53    13.62%   1     0.26%     3      0.77%


D-1:  Education
         Type                        Number
                             Public  Private  Total
   a. Pre-school/Day Care      90      12      102
   b. Primary/Elementary      363      17      380
   c. Secondary               264      32      316
   d. Vocational/Technical     48       0       48
   e. College/University       79      22      101
D-2:  Housing
          Types               Number
   1. Permanent(concrete,      278
    woods,and G.I sheets)   
   2. Semi-Permanent(woods,    236
    and G.I sheets)          
   3. Temporary(bamboo,        107
    sawali and nipa/cogon)    

D-3:  Source of Potable Water
      Source of Water  :  Deep Well   Number  :  401

D-4:  Sources of Lightning
        Source      No. of household served   Percent
   1. Electricity          650                 99%
   2. Kerosene              7                   1%
                 Total  :  657                100%

D-5:  Toilet Facilities
      Type             The Toilet    Percent  
   1. Water Sealed         510       77.63%
   2. Sharing              147       22.37%
                 Total  :  657        100%       

D-6:  Health Facilities and Services
      Health Center  Number  :  1  

D-7:  Sports and Recreational Facilities
      Basketball Court  Number  :  2

D-8:  Transport Facilities and Services
      Means of Transportation  :  Tricycle

D-9:  Communication Services
      Telephone, Cellular Network Site, Internet


E-1:  Employment Data
       Locally Employed:   223
       Self-Employed:      90
       Employed Overseas:  506
       Total Number of Employment Residents:   819
       Total Number of Unemployed Residents:   158

      Profession/Vacation       Number  Non-Employed  Employed      
   1. Engineers                   26         7           19      
   2. Nurses                      57         11          46
   3. Teachers                    38         8           30
   4. Seaman                      42         16          26
   5. Skilled works,specify-     804        106         698
    ricemill operators part
    time only 

E-2:  Major Sources of Livelihood(e.g Farming,Fishing,
      Rank  :  1. Farming
               2. Business
               3. Employment

      Major Locally Produced products/raw Materials
          1. Rice
          2. Vegetables
          3. Mango Fruits  

E-3:  Distribution of Establishment by Major economic sector
   1. Agriculture
      Poultry/livestock Farms  Number  :  335
      Fishponds/Fishpens       Number  :  3
      Vegetable Farms          Number  :  560

   2. Commercial Establishment
      Sari-sari Store      Number  :  68
      Internet Cafe Shops  Number  :  2  

  3. Industrial/Manufacturing Establishment
      Handicraft             Number  :  1
      Rice/Flour/Corn Mills  Number  :  1

F-1:  Barangay Government And Administration
   1. Fiscal Capability
       a. Income of the Barangay from Regular Sources

                                 FY 2012     FY 2012     FY 2013 
       1. Internal Revenue   1,427,991.00 1,424,991.00 1,850,610.00
       2. Real Property        100,000.00   100,000.00   100,000.00
          Tax Share
       3. Share from Sand,       2,000.00     2,000.00     2,000.00
          Gravel and other 
          Quarry Resources
       4. Others/Beginning      37,212.10    20,022.97    95,596.50
                   Total     1,567,203.10 1,550,013.97 2,048,206.50 
       b. Actual Expenditures
                               FY 2012       FY 2013      FY 2014
       1. Personal Services   800,920.00    800,920.00   826,472.00
       2. Maintenance and     251,186.25    217,665.12   529,989.00
          Other Expenses 
                  Total     1,052,106.25 1,1018,585.12 1,356,461.00 

F-3:  Facilities owned and/or operated by the Barangay Government
     as of CY 2008   
      Barangay Hall/Center
      Barangay Health Center
      Day Care Center
      Barangay Reading Center
      Multi Purpose Hall/Pavement

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