Sta. Lucia

Barangay : STA. LUCIA                 City/Municipality : URDANETA
Province : PANGASINAN                 Region : I



          "CASANTA LUCIAAN", people used to call this once obscure
place where a group of migrants converged, in search for a greener
pasture and settled for good. Not long after, this  place became a
sitio, like the Casanto Domingan and Awed were, Palina, the domina
nt barrio as Barangay  were then  called, headed by Barrio Captain 
Alejandro Peralta. Except for sitio Awed, Sitio's Casanto Domingan
Casanta Luciaan became full Barangays,  Councilor Melecio  Gravela, 
nothing that development. I  hard to introduce in such a wide area 
under one  leadership, sponsored  a Resolution  that  would create 
another two (2)  barangays  out the old  Palina, giving the reason 
that these sitio have  already  attained  the  Five Hundred(500) -
population  criteria for  a sitio to  qualify  as  an  independent 
barangay.  The  resident of  the respective  sitio's be created as 
barangays Santo Domingo and Santa Lucia in the early 70's.

          By  virtue of the  Approved  Resolution, Casanta Luciaan
formally  became  Barangay  Sta. Lucia,  named  after  the town of 
Iloco Sur where the pioneer settlers came from among the prominent 
families were the Sumio's, Javonillo's , Dismaya, Torne's, Antonio, 
Bernabe, Lacorda, Jimenez, Villanueva, and Ellasos and many others. 
Up to this  time, they  are still the  dominant  families  in  the 

          In  view of  breakaway  Sta Lucia  began laying down its 
foundation as a Barangay School, children were pulled out from the 
mother Palina School  former  named  Dolupa Elementary School came 
from the  names of Sitio Domingo Lucia and Palina, to hold classes 
for the whole year,under big houses in the Barangay, Mr. Valentine 
Antonio, a protegee of  Barrio  Captain  Peralta, and the building. 
Labor  in the  clearing of the  sites as  well as the construction  
materials were purchased from funds raised by holding the Barangay 
Fiesta  and  voluntary  contributions  from  the  residents. These 
later expanded to become Sta. Lucia Elementary School. 

          Basically,Barangay is a political unit of the Government,
and exists under the same political structure as cities and munici
palities, although the Barangay's is the lowest rank in the Govern
ment hierarchy. As  pautonomy  Government Unit, the affairs of the 
Barangay is administered and  run  through by the Barangay Council
or  the  Sangguniang  Barangay  headed by the Barangay  Captain no
Punong Barangay and Councilmen  now Barangay  Kagawads  and passes
Resolution and enact  Ordinances  based  on the recommendations of
the  Barangay  Development  Council  and maintains security, peace
and other  through the  Barangay.  Peace and Order Committe (BPOC)
Chaired by the Punong Barangay.

          The Barangay council or Sangguniang Barangay is composed
of  Officials  elected at large  by  the  residents  themselves in 
election  called  the National Government. The Barangay financials
needs  is  sourced  from  the  share  in  the  Real Property Taxes 
collected, from the IRA, and those  generated from its local taxes
ordinances and grants, aids from the city, Provinsial and National
Government.  The  Council  appoints  its  own  Brgy. Treasurer and 
Brgy.Secretary through the Punong Barangay, and whose appointments 
are coterminous with that of the terms of elected officials.  


          An independent and progressive barangay advocating prin-
ciples and practice of good  governance that  help, build and res-
ponsibility among its public officials and employee and take appro
priate measure to promote to  transparency in transacting with the 
public.  A  promote  livelihood  projects  to  lessen  poverty  & 
Strengthen the good relationship between the leader's & community 
through  a  god  fearing,  healthy  &  peace loving people of the 


          To be able to actively carry out the mandates and ensure
transparency, honestly  and efficiency in the delivery of services
in the Barangay.


B-1:  Type of Barangay  :  Rural

B-2:  Geographical Location (Boundaries)
      East   :  Sto.Domingo 
      West   :  Sitio Bliss Nancamaliran East
      North  :  Nancamaliran East
      South  :  Palina East and Palina West

B-3:  Total Land Area
      Land Area in Hectare  :  141.99

B-4:  Distance from:
      1. Poblacion  :  3.5 Kms. 
      2. Provincial Capital  :  45.50 Kms.
      3. National Highway  :  3.70 Kms.

B-5:  Distribution by Land by use
      1. Agricultural  :  Land Area(Hectare)  :  113.52 Has.
      2. Aquatic       :  Land Area(Hectare)  :  100 Has.
      3. Commercial    :  Land Area(Hectare)  :  18 Has.


C-1:  Population    :  3,306  
      Total HH      :  697 
      Total Family  :  729

C-2:  Population Data
        Population      Male  Female  Total
      0-5 Years old     290    254    544
      6-12 Years old    218    226    444
     13-17 Years old    151    137    288
     18-35 Years old    488    461    949
     36-50 Years old    341    328    669
     51-65 Years old    169    145    314
   Adult 66 and Above   47     51     98
     TOTAL            1,703  1,601  3,306

C-3:  Religion
           Religion            No.    % to Total Population
      1. Roman Catholic      2,745            95%
      2. Iglesia ni Cristo     54             .9%
      3. Islam                  5             .2%
      4. Tunay na Iglesia      15             .8%
      5. Mormon                 6             .2%
      6. Born Again           125             .8%
      7.Jehovah Witness       119             .8%

C-4:  Civil Status
           Civil Status      No.   
      1. Single            1,227  
      2. Married           1,675
      3. Widow/Widower      97

C-5:  Language/Dialect
      1. English   :  5                 
      2. Tagalog   :  152
      3. Bicolano  :  40
      4. Ilocano   :  2,947
      5. Others    :  62

C-6:  Health and Nutrition (Percentage of malnourished children
      by age group land by degree of Malnutrition)
                     Number and Percentage of Malnourished
       Age Group         Second Degree  Third Degree
                           No.    %      No.   %   
       0-71 MOS.           10   .03%     -     -       
      12-23 MOS.           -      -     20   .006%


D-1:  Education
               Type            Public  Private  Total
      1. Pre-School/Day Care    23       -       23
      2. Primary/Elementary     380      8       388
      3. Secondary              145      5       150
      4. Vocational/Technical    8       -       8
      5. Collage/University     104      4       108
      6. Others: Alternative    12       -       12
         Learning Student

D-2:  Housing
                Types                   Number
      1. Permanent(concrete, woods,      372
         and G.i. Sheets)
      2. Semi-Permanent(woods, and       126
         G.i. Sheets)
      3. Temporary (bamboo,sawali        166
         and nipa/cogon)

D-3:  Source of Potable Water
          Source of Water        Number  Served  Percent
      1. Piped/Tubed/Level III     58     362     .09%
      2. Deep Well                454    2,124     92%

D-4:  Sources of Lighting
      Electricity  :  467  ,  Percent  :  89%

D-5:  Toilet Facilities
           Type            Number of Toilet   Percent
      1. Modern Type             48             11%
        (Commercial bowls) 
      2. Water sealed           679             96%
D-6:  Health Facilities and Services
      Health Center  :  1

D-7:  Sports and Recreational Facilities
      Basketball Court  :  1

D-8:  Transport Facilities and Services
      a. Bridge in meter by  Administrative Level
         Steel  :  City Municipal  :  50 Meters

      b. Means of Transportation
         1. Jeepney
         2. Tricycle
         3. Tribike

D-9:  Communication Services
                          If not present,state distance to 
           Type                 the nearest service
      1. Telephone        Digital 3.5 Kilometers more or less
      2. Cellular         Palina East
      3. Internet         3.5 Kilometers
      4. Postal services  3.5 Kilometers
      5. Telegraph        3.5 Kilometers


E-1:  Employment Data
      Locally Employed   :  693
      Self-Employed      :  57
      employed Overseas  :  102
      Total Number of Employed Residents    :  693
      Total Number of Unemployed Residents  :  83
        Profession/Vocation   Number  Non-Employed  Employed
      1. Engineers              9
      2. Nurses                43        35           11
      3. Teachers              35        23           12
      4. Seaman                10         4           6

E-2:  Major Source of Livelihood (e.g farming, fishing employment,
      Rank:  1. Farming
             2. Livestock
      Major Locally Produced Products/Raw Materials
             1. Palay
             2. Corn

E-3:  Distribution of Establishment by Major economic sector
      1. Agricultural Establishment
               Type              Number
      a. Fishponds/Fishpen         4
      b. Vegetable Farmers        12


F-1:  Registered Voters
           Election Data   2013 COMELEC DATE  2016 COMELEC DATE
      1. Numbers of Voters        1,238             1,335
         Actually Voted
      2. Numbers of Voters         939      Result on May 9, 2016
         Actually Voted

F-2:  Barangay Government and Administration
 1. Fiscal Capability
   A. Income of the Barangay from Regular Sources
        Source of Income       FY 2014      FY 2015      FY 2016  
    a. Internal
      1. Barangay Fees        6,000.00     6,000.00     6,000.00
         and Charges
    b. External 
      1. Internal Revenue               2,096,240.18  2,307,374.96                       Allotment
      2. Real property                    90,000.00    90,000.00
         Tax Share
      3. Annual Contributions
         to Barangay
         a. City/Municipality  2,000.00    2,000.00     2,000.00
         b. Provincial         2,000.00    2,000.00     2,000.00
   B. Actual Expenditures 
            Expenses               FY 2015      FY 2016
      1. Personal Services       859,000.00   965,800.00
      2. Maintenance and other   543,534.38   578,206.96

F-3:  Facilities owned and/or operated by the Barangay Government
      as of CY 2016
       * Barangay Hall/Center
       * Barangay Health Center 
       * Day Care Center
       * Barangay Reading Center
       * Gabay sa Mamamayan Aksyon Center
       * Multipurpose Hall/Pavement


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