GAD Database



                     Projected Population by Sex
                            Male = 69,610
                           Female = 70,090

                Total Population by Age Group, by Sex
                           0-17       18-79   80 & Up
                Male      25,792     43,374     451
                Female    24,309     44,879     822

                              Sex Ratio
                                1 : 1

                    Population Growth Rate, by Sex
                              M = 5.37%
                              F = 6.37%

                        Average Household Size
                         5 persons/household
             Ratio of Girls to Boys in Primary Education
                         11,075(M) : 9,929(F)

            Ratio of Girls to Boys in Secondary Education
                         5,289(M) : 5,008(F)

              Elementary School Completion Rate, by Sex
                        M : 93.14% F : 95.41%

    Classroom-to-Pupil Ratio in Elementary and Secondary Schools
                           ES = 1 : 32.26
                           HS = 1 : 44.38

     Teacher-to-Pupil Ratio in Elementary and Secondary Schools
                           ES = 1 : 41.59
                           HS = 1 : 28.68

                 High School Completion Rate, by Sex
                             M : 90.19%
                             F : 94.80%


           Child Mortality Rate, by Sex, 2 Reference Years
                            2013 = 0.24%
                            2014 = 0.50%

                 Mortality by Leading Causes, By Sex
                 2014                  M        F      Total  
         Degenerative Debility         58       81      139
         CVA                           56       20       76
         Pneumonia                     25       18       43
         Multi-Organ Failure           29       13       42
         Cardio Vascular Disease       28        6       34
         Bronchial Asthma              16        7       23
         Diabetes Mellitus             12       11       23
         CHF                           14        8       22
         Hypertension                  13        8       21
         Tuberculosis (All Forms)       7        6       13 
         Renal Failure                  2        5        7
         Cardiac Arrythmia              7        0        7
         Myocardial Infraction          4        2        6
         Cardiac Dysrythmia             2        2        4
         Bleeding Peptic Ulcer          1        3        4
         Gun Shot Wound                 4        0        4

                 Morbidity by Leading Causes, By Sex
                 2014                  M        F     Total
         Respiratory Tract Infection  858      829    1,687
         Hypertension                 252      463      715
         Acute Gastroenteritis        152      148      300
         Urinary Tract Infection       98      201      299
         Atopic Dermatitis             78      110      188
         Acute Tonsilo Pharyngitis     56       82      138
         Bronchial Asthma              64       60      124
         Influenza                     59       43      102
         Pneumonia                     51       42       93
         Diabetes Mellitus             35       46       81

           Incidence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)
                             2013 = 5.1%
                             2014 = 3.8%

           Incidence of Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI)
                             2013 = 3.1%
                             2014 = 4.6%

                       Maternal Mortality Rate
                             2013 = 0.00%
                             2014 = 1.24%

                        Infant Mortality Rate
                             2013 = 9.11%
                             2014 = 3.11%

  Percentage of Households with Sources/Access to Safe Drinking Water

           Percentage of Households without Sanitary Toilet

                   Presence of Barangay Health Center
                          In all 34 Barangays

                 Presence of Garbage Disposal System
                          In all 34 Barangays

             Disease Control Program for STD or HIV/AIDS
                     1. 100% Condom Use Program
              2. Lecture on STI/HIV-AIDs Control Program

       Maternal Mortality Rate per 100,000 Live Births Decreased
                         1.24% (FHSIS, 2014)

        Infant Mortality Rate per 1,000 live births decreased

      Under five mortality rate per 1,000 live births decreased

  Death Rates of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis and Other Diseases
                 HIV/AIDS         ||         Malaria
             2013    |    2014    ||    2013    |    2014
              0%     |     0%     ||     0%     |     0%

                Tuberculosis      ||     Other Diseases
             2013    |    2014    ||    2013    |    2014
             0.08%   |    0.14%   ||     0%     |     0%
       Maternal and Pre-Natal Services Delivered and Post-Natal
      Services addressing Pregnancy and Infant Health Nutrition
                          Present in the LGU

            Program for Breastfeeding and Proper Nutrition
                         for Lactating Mothers
                          Present in the LGU

          Family Planning Programs that Promote Responsible,
              Ethical, Legal, Safe and Effective Methods
                          Present in the LGU

      Family and State Collaboration on Youth Sexuality Education
                         and Health Services
                          Present in the LGU

       Prevention and Management of Reproductive Tract Infection
                     including STI's, HIV and AIDS
                          Present in the LGU



    Gender-Responsive, Rights based and Culture-Sensitive Services   
       and Intervention implemented for WEDC and their Families
    The social workers on the CSWDO are trained in handling cases
           of Women/Children in Need of Special Protection

           Policy and/or Guidelines Formulated to Implement
          Gender-Responsive Detention and Prison Facilities
                           By virtue of the
                      City Ordinance No. 25-2003
                   "Gender and Development Act" and
                     Executive Order No. 2013-026
        Mandating the Provision of VAWC Desk in every Barangay
                   GAD Code is subject for amendmenet

        Detention Area and Prison with Segragated Facilities,        
              Health and Sanitation Services for Women,
                including Clean and Sanitary Toilets
            There is a Drop-In Center of Women and Youth,
                    located at the PNP Building.
       It is a project of LCPC founded by the City Government.

         WEDC Provided with Temporary and Protective Custody
 5 Women were provided with protective custody at the Crisis Center  
  while 4 women at the DSWD Haven Center for Women at Dagupan City.
     The Crisis Center is managed by CSWDO with 2 house parents
                          and 2 Caretakers.

           WEDC Provided with Medical and Dental Services
         There were 27 WEDC clients who were referred to the
        City Health Office for medical and dental assistance.
    In such cases, immediate assistance were provided by the CHO.

     WEDC Provided with Psychological and Psychiatric Evaluation     
   There were 2 WEDC clients in need for psychological/psychiatric
            assistance. There were referred at the RIMC -
     Regional Rehabilitation and Treatment Center, Dagupan City.

WEDC Provided with Counseling and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
                 There were 27 WEDC clients served.
        Debriefing sessions were conducted by CSWDO Workers.

                  WEDC Provided with Legal Services
   There were 27 WEDC clients referred to the Prosecutor's Office
                     and PAO for legal assitance.

               WEDC Provided with Productivity Skills
          Capability Building and/or Livelihood Assistance
  The city has the Urdaneta City Livelihood skills Training Center.
   There are also livelihood projects funded by the City or DSWD.

                    WEDC Provided with Education
           Urdaneta City Livelihood Skills Training Center

               WEDC Provided with Financial Assistance
    There were 27 WEDC Clients Provided with Financial Assistance,
                   Funded by the City Government

             WEDC Provided with Transportation Assistance
    There were 27 WEDC Clients Provided with Financial Assistance,
                   Funded by the City Government

          WEDC Provided with Employment through Job Placement
                       12 Clients were Serve



        Policies, Plans and Programs implemented to Eliminate
          All Forms of Discrimination against Girl Children
                          By virtue of the
                     City Ordinance No. 25-2003
                  "Gender and Development Act" and 
                    Executive Order No. 2013-026
     Mandating the Provision of VAWC Desk in Every Barangay; and
             KALIPI's Programs, Projects and Activities

  Conduct of Community Consultation on the Effect of Child Marriages
      on Health, Education and All-Over Situation the Girl-child
       There were 280 Youths who are member/participants of the
                      Child Adolescent Program.

        Functional Local Council for the Protection of Children
                  LCPC and 34 BCPC's are functional.
        They conduct regular meetings and quarterly evaluation
               for the search of Child-Friendly Barangay.

                 Existing Indigenous Mechanism for the
               Protection of Children Adopted by LCPC's
             The City Has a Local code for the Children -
                      City Ordinance No. 47-2004
         The Code, however, is subject for amendment/revision.



  Gender-Responsive, Rights-Based, and Culture-Sensitive Policies,
       Programs and Services Implemented for Senior Citizens
        Health Care Program - Provision of Anti-Flu Vaccines
                           and Eye Check-up
            Social Pension and Tulungan sa Purok Program
            Provision of OSCA ID's and Purchase Booklets

 Number of Senior Citizen Provided with Continuous Support Services
      Social Pension Program for 1,050 Indigent Senior Citizens
                  at the amount of Php500 per month

  Number and Types of Support Services Provided to Senior Citizens
          In 2014, 290 Senior Citizens were provided with
        Burial Assistance, while 80 with Medical Assistance

 OSCA's with Programs and Services Addressing Gender-Based Violence,
            Abuse and/or Neglect of Women Senior Citizen
         There is an Office for the Senior Citizens' Affair
                under the CSWDO and the City Mayor.

                 Supportive Community Resources and
                Utilized to Provide In-Home Services
                           - Barangay IRA
                     - Barangay Development Fund

         Subsidy and Support Programs Provided to Family and
     Caregivers to Promote Quality Home Care for Senior Citizens
                          Family Counseling



               Policies, Rules and Regulations for the
            Implementation of the Incremental Increase on
                 Recruitment and Training of Women
                       Republic Act No. 9208
                    City Ordinance No. 017-2011
      "An Ordinance adopting RA 9208 and RA 7610 to Strengthen
       Enforcement in Urdaneta City, Prohibiting Trafficking
              of Persons and Trafficking of Children"

                        Functional VAW Desk
                  34 Functional Barangay VAW Desk

             Presence of Women's Desk in Police Station
                        Present in the LGU
                   24/7 Duty with 3 Police Women

              Conduct of VAW Monitoring and Evaluation
                  Monthly and Quarterly Evaluation

                    Presence of Adequate Lighting
             in Streets and Public Places to Deter Crime
                         Present in the LGU

            Presence of Separates Rooms for Interrogation
                  of Woman Victims in Police Station
                         Present in the LGU

     Presence and Types of Services to Prevent Domestic Violence
                         Advocacy Training
                     Family Development Session
                       ERPAT Modules Session
      Institutionalization of VAWC Desk Offices in 34 Barangays

                   Presence and Types of Services
             and Mechanism to Prevent Human Trafficking
           Implementation of City Ordinance No. 017-2011
      Advocacy on Anti-Human and Child Trafficking to Schools
        and Universities, Youth Organizations and Barangays

    Creation of City Inter-Agency Committee Against Trafficking -
               Task Force on Anti-Human Trafficking

   Presence of Rehabilitation/Development/Crisis Centers for Women
       The City has the "Crisis Center for Women and Children"
      operated by the CSWDO, and funded by the City Government.

    It likewise has the "Haven Center for continuous Trainings and
                 Advocacy" under DSWD-Field Office I

                  Presence of a VAW Referral System
                         Present in the LGU

          Availability and Frequency of Trainings Conducted
     on the Rights of Women to be Free from All Forms of Violence
    Whether Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Mental or Economic Abuse
               Trainings are usually conducted during
      Women's Month Celebration and Child Abuse Prevention Month

        Establishment and Maintenance of a Comprehensive Data
   Information System on Trafficking, Exploitation and Prostitution
                         Present in the LGU

 Presence of Statistical Data Generated on the Incidence of All Kinds
    of VAW and VAW Victims to the total VAW-related Data Required
                         Present in the LGU

             Availability of Local Facilities or Offices
                     providing Support Services
             - CSWDOffice Crisis for Women and Children
               - DSWD - Haven Crisis Center for Women
                     -WACPU - R1 Medical Center

                Number of Women who are aware of VAW
                            6,850 Women

               Presence and Implementation of Programs
            Reintegrating Prostituted Women into Society
            By virtue of R.A. No. 9208 and the GAD Code.

                    City Ordinance No. 017-2011.
             Ordinance Adopting RA 9208 and RA 7610 to
          Strengthen Enforcement in Urdaneta City of Laws
        Prohibiting Trafficking in Persons, Including the TIP

            Number of VAW Victims Provided with Legal Aid
              27 Clients were provided with Legal Aid,
         Out of the 27 clients who sought for such services.

                    Number of Reported VAWC Cases
                              27 Cases

                     Numbers of VAWC Case Served
                              27 Cases



             Standards and Gender-Fair Modules Developed
                            PES Modules
                            FDS Modules
                           Erpat Modules
                      Pre-Marriage Counseling

     Conduct of Gender-Sensitive Pre-Marriage Counsiling Program
 to Promote Family Planning, Responsible Parenthood, Equal Relations
     and Shared Responsibility between Spouses in Parenting and
                        Household Management
                  Every Friday, at 8:30AM - 12:00nn
               The Counselling is conducted by PMC-Team
        composed of Representatives from CHO, CSWDO, and NGO's

       Provision of Training and Seminars to Barangays on the
    Education and Popularization of the MCW and the Family Code,
    especially on the Obligation and Responsibilities of Spouses
                      to Eliminate Gender Bias
      GAD Orientation to Barangay Officials last Nov. 10, 2014

    Women With Disabilities that Availed of Community-Based Social
                   Protection Schemes and Programs
                              270 Women


          Functional Disaster Coordinating Councils at the
                      Regional and Local Level
         City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council

          Number of Women involved in the Development of a
               Gender-Responsive Disaster Management
                             34 KALIPI
                            68 Members
                     Parent Leaders - 118 Women

    Women Members of Various Evacuation Centers/Camps/Committees
  Organized for Food and Water Distribution, Nutrition, Sanitation
  and Hygiene, Shelter, Health, Education, Protection and Security
               and Safety Especially in Decision-Making
            64 KALIPI Officers and Barangay Health Workers


     H. SPORTS

          Social Protection Policies, Programs and Services
         Implemented for Women and Other Marginalized Sectors
              By Virtue of Executive Order No. 026-2013
        Mandating the Provision of VAWC Desk in Every Barangay
                          and the GAD Code



    Social Protection Policies and Programs Reviewed and Enhanced
              To Ensure Benefit Packages are Responsive
                   and the Premiums are Affordable
                      By virtue of the GAD Code

        Poverty Reduction Programs and Services Mainstreamed
                       with Social Protection
                         Present in the LGU

      Labor Maker Programs Sustained to Create Employment and
      Alternative Livelihood Following Decent Work Standards
                         Present in the LGU

 Health Insurance Program for Senior Citizens and Indigent Developed
    The City has supported and Funded the PhilHealth Para sa Masa

 Senior citizens and Indigent who have availed of Insurance Programs
            500 Senior Citizens are Beneficiaries of the
                       PhilHealth Para sa Masa

 Community-Based Social Protection and Schemes and Programs Developed                     for Women with Disabilities
                There is an Organized WWD Association
         which is affiliated with the Regional WWD Federation.
                      The CSWDO issues PWS ID's

    Women With Disabilities that Availed of Community-Based Social
                   Protection Schemes and Programs
                              270 Women



  Proportion of Households whose Members Eat Less than 3 Times a Day
                      1st Wave - 100 Households
                       2nd Wave - 9 Households
                  Based on SWI of 4P's Beneficiaries

   Investment-Friendly Policies, Systems, Programs, Procedures and
       Technical Assistance for Returning Women Migrant Workers
                              GAD Code
             Manual on Recovery and Mitigation of Victims
                        of Human Trafficking
  City Ordinance No. 017-2011 - Ordinance Adopting RA 9208 and 7610

      Livelihood and Skills Development Training, Seminars, and
              Scholarship Grant for Women Migrant Worker
       22 Migrant Workers were provided with Skills Development
         Training and Livelihood Projects funded by the DSWD

        Skills Training, Counseling and Other Support Services
               Integrated with Entrepreneurship and GAD
                  22 Skills Training were conducted

           Number of Livelihood Training Programs for Women
                 20 Skills Trainings were conducted:
                              2009 - 5
                              2010 - 6
                              2011 - 8
                              2012 - 1

                     Presence of Day Care Center
                         52 Day Care Centers
               At least 1 Day Care Center per Barangay

         Number of Trainings on Marketing, Export Development
         and Joint Venture Promotion to Female Entrepreneurs
                     and Relevant Associations
                   20 Trainings (Barangay-Based)


         Number of farmers with Access to Agricultural Credit
                              M - 1,450
                              F - 765


       Maintenance of an Updated Database of Women Fisherfolks
                              132 Women


                 Credit Programs Accessible to Women
              (PNPL) DA - Program Loop Private Lending

            Number of Women who Own Business Enterprises
                              85 Women

        Increased Number of Women in Viable Micro-Enterprises
                             650 Women

         Average Monthly Income of Women in Micro-Enterprises
                            8,000 Women

     Number of Women Reporting Access to Information on Potential,
     High-Value Products, Market Linkage, Product Development and
                         Technology Support
                             150 Women

  Number of Women Reporting Access to Assistance in Product Design
                              50 Women

   Number of Enterprises that Adopt Environment-Friendly Production
                     Technologies and Practices
                              30 Women



           Cropland per Agricultural Worder, by Sex, (Ha)
                             M - 1.75 ha
                             F - 0.60 ha

           Agricultural Workers, by Sex per Tractor (in %)
                               M - 80%
                               F - 20%

      Agricultural Workers, by Sex per Harvester/Thresher (in %)
                               M - 60%
                               F - 40%



        Percentage of Women Registered Voters to Total Voters
                       |  2010 Elections   |  2013 Elections
          Total Number |      35,890       |      29,088
          Percentage   |      50.62%       |      81.05



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