Name of Subdivision         Location        Area (in has.)
Doña Trining Subdivision        Camantiles           1.7
Del Prado Village               Dilan-Paurido        4.0
Taaca Village                   Dilan-Paurido         -
Gracia Village                  Nancayasan            -
Doña Pepang Subdivision         San Vicente           -
Doña Loleng Subdivision         Nancayasan            -
Glenville Subdivision I         San Vicente          6.6
Glenville Subdivision II        San Vicente          3.5
Las Villas Urdaneta             Catablan             2.9
Teachers Ville Subdivision      Mabanogbog           2.4335
Doña Olympia Townhomes          Sto. Domingo         2.2
Urdaneta Village Townhomes      Nancayasan           0.6
Vista Verde Royale              Nancayasan           5.4
City Homes Urdaneta             Dilan-Paurido        0.7282
Vista Urdaneta                  Nancayasan           0.8
AGL Subdivision                 Nancayasan          17.8998
PSU Executive Village           San Vicente          2.1
Woodside Garden Village         Pinmaludpod         14.1865
Greenville North Subdivision    Anonas              15.11
St. Sophia Subdivision          Pinmaludpod          4.2235
Manors Subdivision              Dilan-Paurido        0.5226
Northwood Townhouse             Nancayasan           0.333
Residencia                      San Vicente          0.5472
Amaia Land Corporation          Catablan            14.8174
Woodside Garder Village Phase2  Labit West           7.4
RDSBI Homes                     Nancamaliran West    0.9852
National Housing Authority      Bactad East          7.1283        

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