Labit Proper

B. Type of Barangay  :  Rural

B-1:  Geographical Location(Boundaries)
           East  :  
           West  :  
           North :  
           South :  

B-2:  Total Land Area 
         Land Area in Hectare  : 
         % to Total Land Area  :    1.07

B-3:  Distance from
      1. Poblacion 2 kilometers
      2. Provincial Capital
      3. National Highway 3 kilometers

Facilities owned and/or operated by the Barangay Government 
      a. Barangay Hall/Center             : 1
      b. Barangay Health Center           : 1
      c. Day Care Center                  : 1
      d. Barangay Reading Center          : 1
      e. Gabay sa Mamamayan Aksyon Center : 1
      f. Multi Purpose Hall/Pavement      : 1
      g. Market/Talipapa                  : 2

     1. Digging and Declogging       On going
     2. Clean and Green              On going
     3. Roadside Beautification      On going
     4. Garbage can                  done

C. Distribution of Land by Use
      1. Agricultural
         Land Area (Hectares)  :
         % to Total  :  
      2. Residential
         Land Area (Sq. Kilometers)  : 

D. Population Data
         Population      Female   Male   Total
      Children 0-5 y/o    
      Children 6-12 y/o   
      Children 13-17 y/o  
      Adult 18-35 y/o     
      Adult 36-50 y/o     
      Adult 51-65 y/o     
     Adult 66 and Above   

E. Household Data 
       Number of Households  :  

F. Religion
             Religion        % to Total Population
      1. Roman Catholic              
      2. Iglesi ni Cristo           
      3. Born Again/Jehova          
      4. Others:                     
           Specify NAZARENE

G. Language/Dialects Predominantly Spoken
      1. English
      2. Tagalog
      3. Ilocano

A. Education
               Type            Male   Female   Total
     1. Pre-school/Day Care     
     2. Primary/Elementary     

B. Housing
  a. Kinds of Shelter
               Type                 Number
     1. Permanent(concrete,woods,     
        and G.I sheets)
     2. Semi-Permanent(woods, and    
        G.I sheets)
     3. Temporary(bamboo,sawali,      
        and nipa/cogon)


  1. Fiscal Capability
  a. Income of the Barangay from Regular Sources
      Source of Income      2014        2015         2016
  B. External
  1. Internal Revenue    
  2. Real Property        
     Tax Share


1. Transport Facilities and Services
  a. Road Network in Kilometers by surface type and by
     administrative level
     concrete  :  1

  b. Means of Transportation

A. Source of Potable Water
        Source of Water      Number
    Piped/Tubed/Level III    
B. Source of Lightning
            Source    No.of Households served
   1. Electricity             
   2. Kerosene               
   3. LPG                    

C. Toilet Facilities
           Type            The Toilet
   1. Modern Type             
     (Commercial Bowls)
   2. Water Sealed           
   3. None/Share              

D. Health Facilities and Services
      Health Center  :  1

E. Sports and Recreational Facilities
      Basketball Courts  :  

F. Cultural Data
           Activity                   Describe indigenous
   1. Settlement of disputes    Settlement thru Punong Barangay
   a. Giving Summons to the
   2. Wedding Celebration       The same as the old tradition wedding
      a. Dancing in the night   celebration
      b. Preparing Foods
   3. Fiesta                    Celebration by means of popularity
      a. Parade                 contest
      b. Coronation
   4. Baptism                   Celebration after baptism
      a. Church Ceremony
      b. Preparing foods
   5. Burial                    Bringing the deceased in the cemetery
      a. Attending deceased     for burial


   Locally Employed  : 
   Self-Employed     : 
   Employed Overseas : 
      Profession/Vocation   Number  Employed
   1. Doctors                
   2. Engineers              
   3. Nurses                
   4. Teachers              
   5. Seaman                 

Major Sources of Livelihood (e.g farming, fishing, employment,
Rank : 1. Farming
       2. Employment
       3. Business

Major Locally Produced/Raw Materials
       1. Palay
       2. Vegetables

Distribution of Establishment by major Economic Sector
 1. Agricultural Establishment
                Type                  Number
       a. Nurseries/Flower Growing     
       b. Fishpond/ Fish pens           

 2. Commercial Establishment
              Type                  Number
      a. Sari-Sari Store            
      b. Distributors,Dealers of      
         various Products 
      c. Restaurants/Karenderya       
      d. Internet cafe shops          

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